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Founded in 2001, ACTIDEL is an expert company in the physical management of fixed assets and in general in the tracking of assets.

We offer our clients inventories of their fixed assets and reconciliation with the accounting bases of the company.

Our growth is based on experienced, versatile and involved teams, whose skills are enriched by contact with our clients on a daily basis.

From 2006 we have made available the AssetsControl business application available for our clients to monitor their indoor assets. As their internal audit requires, AssetsControl allows us to offer long-lasting, efficient and simple fixed asset monitoring solutions.

In 2011, we offered ToolsControl, a solution for monitoring supplier tools anywhere in the world. ToolsControl is a logical step in our development since supplier tools are fixed assets and come under internal monitoring obligations, ToolsControl is a logical step in our development.

In 2020 we are integrating Internet things technology (IoT) to improve reliability, speed and flexibility of use. We are able to offer complete solutions solving more complex use cases than usual.

Today our service offering extends beyond fixed assets; it allows long-term monitoring of all assets, even if they are not immobilized.


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At Actidel the values of our company are an efficient performance lever.

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With a rising budget dedicated to innovation, Actidel is developing new and more efficient tools to serve its customers. The acceleration of technological breakthroughs allows the emergence of new capital management ideas to increase efficiency and productivity.

Innovation is part of our philosophy of always moving forward in our business as in our life. Moving forward creates positive momentum for all our teams. But innovating is useless if you are not the best. Actidel employees are trained to new technologies and thanks to their experience in the physical management of fixed assets, they become the reliable and high value-added interlocutors of our customers.


Our concern for the well-being of our employees is enshrined in Actidel’s DNA. The company’s performance is above all a question of men and women and their fulfillment a priority.

At Actidel we favor a benevolent attitude through the implementation of concrete actions on a daily basis (comfort and safety in transport, flexibility and adaptability of holidays according to the needs of each one and the hazards of life, relaxed but professional working atmosphere).



We accomplish, at our scale, these small gestures in everyday attitudes that contribute to the preservation of the environment. Limitation of paper printing and the use of public transport means that are more economical (in terms of fuel and CO² emissions) and more comfortable, less wasteful modes of consumption. It’s a small thing but we feel better involved in our common future.

Our values are part of an entrepreneurial policy aimed at creating and
maintaining a positive image of Actidel externally and internally.


Knowledge, control and regular monitoring of fixed assets is a major issue for companies.

In a globalized and complex environment, the needs of our clients are evolving towards greater financial security and better visibility of their industrial strategy.

To do this, they pay close attention to technological innovations that will allow them to improve their process for monitoring fixed assets and their property in general, increasing their profitability but also obtaining competitive advantages in their sector of activity.

At Actidel, of course, we have the ambition to meet the needs of our clients, but also and above all to be proactive in order to offer the solutions of tomorrow today.

20 years of experience in the management of fixed assets and a constant desire to innovate, give us the keys to design solutions adapted to the needs of each client.

At Actidel we don’t just take note of the needs expressed by our customers; we define them with them by asking the right questions and being proactive.

It’s because we ask better questions that we get better answers.

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