Fixed asset inventory solution

Monitor your assets using advanced technologies. Gain visibility and control over your investments to meet operational efficiency and audit compliance needs.


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Web app

Essential for keeping control of your assets

Visualize and share your data thanks to our centralized, fully configurable platform.

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Mobile App

No mobile, no party !

No need for a tag reader! Simply scan your tag with our mobile app and update your data in real time.


Easy way to take control of your assets

Entrust your inventories to experienced professionals who are used to working in the industry.

Our services

We’ll support you throughout your project or at key stages. Designing your inventory is easy: just give us a call!

Physical inventory

If you'd like to do your inventories in-house, or if you'd like design assistance, we can help you.


We can help you with your projects

QR Code and RFID readers

The right tag for the right equipment



Audit without non-conformity

Pass your audits with complete peace of mind by providing the required quality indicators and processes that comply with established regulations.


Legal Requirements

Companies are required to comply with the accounting standards, such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or Sarbanes-Oxley.


Equipment Localization

By pinpointing the exact location of equipment, asset management is simplified, making it possible to know what equipment is available, where it is, and to optimize workflows to reduce waiting and search.


Rationalization of the equipment

In-depth knowledge of the fleet enables us to identify available equipment in relation to requirements, improving operational efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.


Data Aggregation from company to site

Equipment optimization:
Identify duplicate or similar equipment for consolidation. This reduces maintenance costs, simplifies spare parts management and improves resource utilization.

Our business cases


Comply with internal audits Allocate depreciation to the right cost centers

  • Type of equipment: Industrial
  • TAG type: QR-Code
  • Multi Sites
  • Physical inventory
  • AssetsControl
  • AssetsApp
  • Semi-annual updates in collaboration with the customer

Manage furniture movements Know your inventory

  • Type of equipment: Office furniture
  • TAG type: QR-Code RFID
  • Physical inventory
  • AssetsControl interfaced with SAP
  • AssetsApp
  • Audit
  • Monthly updates

Corporate obligation

  • Type of equipment: laboratory
  • TAG type: QR-Code rfid
  • Multi-site
  • Limited access, clean rooms, mobile equipment
  • AssetsControl
  • Semi-annual Actidel updates

Locating site equipment Multi-site

  • Type of equipment: Handling / construction equipment
  • TAG type: QR-Code rfid
  • Multi Sites
  • Geolocation
  • AssetsControl – AssetsApp

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    Monitor your assets using advanced technologies. Gain visibility and control over your investments to meet operational efficiency and audit compliance needs.

    AssetsControl includes :

    The essential tool for operational and collaborative management