A collaborative platform for the management of tools
held by your suppliers

The ToolsControl software

ToolsControl is a collaborative platform dedicated to the management of industrial tools entrusted to your suppliers or subcontractors around the world.

ToolsControl allows all the actors (customers and suppliers) involved in tools management, to exchange and make the data more reliable.

ToolsControl manages all aspects of industrial tools and secures their data by integrating complex and relevant processes; Accounting, finance, purchasing, industrial strategy and risk management can coordinate their actions and share their data.

Qualified database of your industrials tools

Location and precise description of each tool wherever they are in the world.


In real time.

Certificate of ownership

Dematerialization of contracts, definition of workflow, electronic signature.

Destruction management

Disposal of your unused or worn tools, with peace of mind.

Industrial Monitoring

Wear&Tear, saturation rate, forecast.

Software at the forefront
of innovation

Winner of the “gold nugget” prize for its innovative character, ToolsControl is the subject of permanent and innovative developments to integrate new technologies.

Over time we have integrated the electronic signature and a B.I. module (business intelligence) allowing the generation of K.P.I.s (key performance indicators) in real time.

Tomorrow IoT (Internet of Things) technology will allow real-time collection of relevant data without the involvement of suppliers.

A reliable and complete
management solution

A native full-web application, ToolsControl is also and above all a reliable and complete off-the-shelf tool management solution. At the technical base, it combines business skills with high added value.

Our expert consultants accompany you throughout the project, from its implementation to its day-to-day management. Their experience is very often deemed indispensable by our customers.

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A solution adapted to all companies

ToolsControl is a bespoke service. Actidel spends time developing a unique methodology, specific to each company. If the company structure or its partnerships with suppliers is atypical, ToolsControl will adapt to these particularities for a service and a web platform defined upstream. The platform is also a guarantee of security for all companies.

Once the immobilization is transferred, the follow-up allowed by ToolsControl guarantee the ownership of the property in case of any problems. Despite its presence on the sites of the supplier, a certificate of ownership, signed electronically by both parties, confirms the ownership of the physical asset. Providers can access compartmentalized accesses from ToolsControl to update with the latest asset information.

From Asset Inventory to Asset Management

The challenge of the ToolsControl solution is that it provides a reliable and innovative solution for all asset management. This starts with a preliminary identification, in order to adapt its operation to the actual structure of the companies concerned. Actidel uses its experience in the field of asset inventory to reference all their movements.

Capacity management makes it possible to optimize the use of industrial tools. In addition, frequent inventory controls make it possible to ascertain the situation of each property held by suppliers. All of these functions save a lot of time and energy. It also encourages fluid communication between the various interlocutors.