The inventory of tools held by your suppliers
has never been so easy!

Management of tools held by your suppliers with ToolsControl

In the context of increasingly globalization, mastering the management of industrial tools entrusted to suppliers, has become a major issue.

Our solution ToolsControl, meets many objectives of our customers large industrial accounts:


  • Have a physical inventory of constantly updated industrial tools.
  • Secure the legal ownership of tools and strengthen the fight against counterfeiting.
  • Monitor the industrial activity of the tools (saturation, wear and tear, forecasting).
  • Manage industrial tools, by means of key performance indicators (KPI).

ToolsControl is a global solution that combines a business application (ToolsControl) and know-how in solving problems related to the management of offshore industrial tools.


Project management

Typical project management of off-site industrial tools is as follows:

  • Project implementation
    • Pilot (workshops, configuration, history recovery and pilot data integration).
    • Roll out across all sites, on boarding providers and creation of KPIs.
  • Day-to-day management
    • Inventory campaigns and destruction of industrial tools.
    • Client and vendor users’ updates.
    • Tool management (capacity management, stillborn and shared tools).
    • Technical support.

The ToolsControl is a collaborative platform that allows all stakeholders involved in the management of supplier tools (customers and subcontractors) to exchange data in real time, following structured processes adapted to the organization of the project. while having customized key performance indicators (KPIs).

The Actidel offer

Depending on our degree of involvement in the project, we offer 3 levels of offers:

  • OPEN formula
    Drive your tools freely.
  • TEAM Formula
    Benefit from the permanent support of our functional experts.
  • Formula FULL
    Entrust us with the management of your relocated means of production in all serenity.