The permanent inventory of fixed assets,
a tale of trust

Permanent inventory of fixed assets

Context & objectives

Today, the various national and international regulations, as well as the internal audit rules, compel companies to regularly monitor their fixed assets.

In most cases this results in the completion of periodic physical inventories; Actidel offers personalized services with high added value.

But sometimes the requirements of internal control lead companies to monitor their fixed assets permanently; this objective cannot be achieved only by periodic physical inventories.


Our mission

Actidel has been offering efficient and recurrent physical asset tracking solutions for more than 10 years.

These solutions are personalized and revolve around two essential and inextricably linked axes:

logo assets control ➨ The AssetsControl business application which highlights the concordance between reality and the theoretical accounting databases; this concordance is reflected in the equality, in value, between the physical and the accounting bases.

➨ A physical monitoring of tailor-made fixed assets that usually starts after the initial physical inventory and includes the following services:


Periodic updates

They are ensured by the presence of the Actidel account manager accompanied by his or her team.

The purpose of these updates is to trace all movements of capital assets (new acquisitions and transfers) that have occurred since the last intervention; they are accomplished by the delivery of a synthesized report accompanied by the associated files.
Their frequency is determined according to the rules imposed by the client’s internal audit (quarterly, half-yearly or annual).

Inventory check

It is a matter of proceeding to a complete physical inventory of fixed assets, identical to the initial inventory. It gives rise to a complete set of deliverables.

(File of reconciled assets, with proposals for destruction, acquisitions and final report). Its periodicity is fixed by mutual agreement with the customer according to the rules established by the client’s internal control.


Drafting of a book of procedures to define / clarify the roles of each stakeholder involved in the monitoring of fixed assets.

(Finance, management control, accounting, technical services, Actidel account manager).
  • AssetsControl


Clients benefits

Customers who trusted us for the physical monitoring of their fixed assets, have benefited and always will benefit from the following advantages:


  • A standardized operating mode applied uniformly to all the groups’ sites and validated by internal audit; the results obtained are measurable and allow the comparison of economic performance between the different entities.
  • Alleviate the vagaries of the functional organizations of our customers (A lack of resources, temporary unavailability, relocation of accounting services) by applying identical procedures during each intervention.
  • Guarantee the reliability of fixed assets Establishing and maintaining physical / accounting adequacy at all times. The guarantee is the equality in value between the fixed assets’ accounting file and the AssetsControl database.
  • Optimize and manage intervention budgets over time Thanks to the harmony created; the work carried out serves as a basis for the following intervention, which reduces the financial costs.

Key figures

  • 220 site visits per year in ten countries
  • 98% of audits passed successfully
  • 1 account manager for each client
  • 100% satisfied customers