A web application for the physical tracking
of your fixed assets

Our application AssetsControl

AssetsControl is a business application dedicated to the physical tracking of fixed assets, in connection with the accounting bases of the company.

Used by all our international customers, AssetsControl is the ideal tool to ensure the perfect match between the physical reality of the field and the theoretical basis of accounting.

The functions of AssetsControl

Advanced features for simplified use.

Permanent inventory

For a permanent physical-accounting parity.

Photographic management

Simplify your life, visualize your assets

Location of your assets – Maps

Visualize your assets on your factory map.

Reconciliation module

Automatic reconciliation and creation of discrepancy lists.

AssetsControl in situation

Our application is adaptable for all areas.

In an industrial environment

Permanent inventory.


Inventory on site by the catalogs method.

Research and development

Distinguish OPEX and CAPEX.

IT infrastructure

Inventory of equipment and users.

Distribution network

Remote inventory for multiple points of sale companies (agencies, shops, stores, subsidiaries, etc.).

Use of AssetsControl

Used by our customers internally or as part of a fixed asset tracking subscription, AssetsControl is an easy-to-use tool customized according to the internal procedures of our customers.

  • For customers who entrust us with the permanent physical inventory of their fixed assets, AssetsControl is the ideal complement for the monitoring and verification of updates and inventory controls.
  • For those who want to monitor their assets internally, AssetsControl is for them because it adapts to their daily workflow, making it easier for them to work and reducing processing time.

IoT is coming!

pictogramme IOT Soon the technology of connected objects (Internet of Things) will be integrated into AssetsControl. Based on a low-frequency communication technology (so low energy consumption), our solution will track all the assets of your plants. Updating the data in AssetsControl will be done in real time, by scanning the defined area.

Faster, more efficient and more economical, our new solution will be available very soon.

Additional Features

AssetsControl has been developed taking into account the needs and constraints of our customers, as were identified during our inventory missions.

A business application dedicated to the physical management of fixed assets, AssetsControl, makes your daily life easier:

  • Physical inventory database reconciliated with the fixed assets file.
  • Documentary management and archiving.
  • Management of cardinalities (several physical assets corresponding to an immobilization and vice versa).
  • Complete description for each property.
  • Excel data export at the click of a mouse.